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The accessable information act

Here is information regarding your rights in recieving the correct information a format that suits you produced by Change

In Control

 A national charity working for an inclusive society where everyone has what they need to live a good life and make a valued contribution. To visit their website click here.
Attatched is information promoting people’s right to choice and control under the Care Act 2014.

Is it Time to change job?

Sometimes people stay in the same job for a long time. Others like to change jobs. Whatever way, it is important that you are doing a job that you enjoy that will help you to reach your dreams and goals. The guided thinking exercise below will help you to think about whether your job is right for you or if you need to think about a job change. If you would like to view it, please click on the attachment below.

Writing a new CV

CV is short for the Latin term "curriculum vitae" which means "the story of your life". A CV is an outline of your education and experience. Its purpose is to get you an interview. Your CV is your own personal marketing tool. It gives you the chance to 'sell' your skills and experiences to the potential employer. You should use it to show your strong points - to make your application stand out. Your aim is to get the employer to interview you. To view our top tips on writing a CV, click on the attachment below

Preparing for an interview

However you find out about job vacancies, you will probably have to go through an interview before you get a job. Interviews can be scary so these are our top tips to help you feel prepared and confident. To view these, please click on the attachment below:-

Sample Interview Questions about you

We thought that it would be useful to give you some sample interview questions and answers. You can look at these to help you get ready for an interview. There are lots of different possibilities and we have added as many as we can. Don't worry, you won't be asked all of them. We have grouped them as questions about you, your work history, the job and the future. We have tried to use words that employers will use. If you haven't had paid work before think about any work experience, what you did at school and college or voluntary work you have done. There is a lot of information so it might be best to go through these questions with someone else who can help you think about your answers

Sample Interview Questions about Work History

Sample Interview Questions about the job

Sample Interview Questions about the future

Getting through your probation period

Most companies have a probation period for all new staff. This is the time that your employer has to see if you are capable of doing your new job. Probation periods vary depending on the business, but can last from 30 to 90 days. If you do well during the probation time, the employer will tell you that you have done well and are not on probation any more. If you don't do well the employer can stop your employment at the end of the probation period. Some companies have policies that mean they can stop your employment at any time during the probation period. It is important to do as well as you can during this time. To see our top tips, please click on the attachment below

How to deal with work place Bullying

At VIAS we know lots of people with learning difficulties who have jobs. Most people are very happy at work and have no problems. Occasionally, people may experience workplace bullying or harrassment. It is important to know what this is and how to deal with it if it is happening to you. Click on the attachment below to see our advice

Getting the most out of your Appraisal

Most people have an appraisal or performance review at least once a year at their workplace. This is where you and your manager look at your work performance. You tell them how you think that you have done and they tell you what they think. You then agree an action plan that you will work on until the next appraisal or performance review. If you have never had one before, you might get nervous before it. To view our tips for getting ready for and taking part in an appraisal or performance review click on the attachment below.

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